Fog Signal Building Secured

Over the past couple of weeks Board of Directors, Chris West and Jesse Waldie along with our good friend and volunteer, Terry Foley snowmobiled out to Waugoshance in order to install gates and window coverings in the fog signal building.  The trips were successful and we have secured this area of the lighthouse.  This is […]

Fall Board of Directors Trip to Waugy

This past September the Board of Directors, along with a historic architect (Vincent Ebersoldt) from St. Louis, MO took a trip out to Waugoshance.  While at the lighthouse Mr Ebersoldt did an extensive survey of the structure and stated that Waugy is in surprisingly good shape considering the 113 years of neglect along with the harsh […]

Bombing Waugoshance

Via our good friend, Terry Pepper. On April 24, 1943, 2,513.54 acres of property in Michigan were withdrawn from public use and leased to the US Navy. Following the lease agreement, over 1944 and 1945 both Waugoshance Point and the abandoned Waugoshance lighthouse were used by the Navy for target practice using experimentation television equipped […]

Spring Has Come to the Straits of Mackinac

MAY 07 2013 The weather is beautiful and we are excited to get the summer rolling and hopefully start restoring our favorite lighthouse, Waugoshance or what we have recently come to call her, Waugy. Right now we are waiting on a decision from the Michigan DEQ on the grant proposal we had submitted last fall […]