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Needed Items

Since we are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization with the limited budget, many items needed to help us preserve our lighthouse must either be donated or acquired. All donated items are subject to a tax deduction benefit on your behalf. IRS deduction info pertaining to this type of donation can be found here: 

Please get in touch if you have any of the items below, or know someone who might!

  • Official WLPS Lighthouse Tender: Since the lighthouse is only accessible by boat (or by snowmobile in the winter) we are in need of a boat that would allow us to make regular trips to the lighthouse to check on the security of the remaining structure and to ferry supplies. We suggest the tender be a safe open-water passage maker with a deep-v hull shape (18′ minimum) and be of aluminum construction. This boat will also need to be trailer launchable.
  • Marine Safety Equipement: USCG approved lifejackets, flares, handheld VHF, etc.


Waugoshance Lighthouse Preservation Society board members are pleased to present programs on the history and restoration effort of the lighthouse to your school, historical society or tour group.

Please contact us and include information regarding presentation date, group size and location.